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Red Sox Rally

So yeah, I hadn’t planned to go to the Red Sox rally, but I got this feeling that some people I know would prefer that I did, so I said ‘what the hell, you only live once’, so I went. I also figured that there would be a bunch of people in costume since it was, after all, Halloween. Well there weren’t many, but I did get a few.

As for sound and smell, run a continuous loop of ‘Tessie’, ‘Sweet Caroline, a touch of ‘Shipping Up To Boston’ and the occasional ‘Yankees Suck!’ chant through your head while almost getting a contact high from something that was recently legalized, and you’ll have a pretty good feel for the ambience.

This girl was engrossed in her phone and I thought the contrast between that lack of activity and presence and the bustling surroundings was worth a shot, but the wry smile as the religious guy passed was probably the better picture.

One of my favorites.

Cats in the Hats

Selfie Stick

Lotta this going on.

Alice, Marcia and Mrs. Brady of The Brady Bunch.


Holy Crap, they engrave the bottom?

David Ortiz

Manager Alex Cora

Victory Cigar

Mitch ‘Mitchy Two Bags’ Moreland

Rick Porcello

Jim Rice

Dustin Pedroia with some odd WWE wrestling belt with the Red Sox logo on it.

Jackie Bradley and his daughter

Not sure if that’s Drew Pomeranz or not but I think I can say for sure that the girl is a future NHL star.

Christian Vasquez

I honest to god have no idea what this is.


This guy is a couple of holidays too early.

In the middle of a Yankees Suck chant

Um…. idiots.

In the fish tank

Hey! Take our picture! OK.

Halloween after all.

Mookie Betts

This is why cops and medical centers are so busy at times like these.

Hey! Take our picture! Very well.

Mr. Trophy Head