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I will update this as scanning time allows.

Back in the 80s I worked at a night club and freelanced at a photo studio during the day. When the chance presented itself, I would sometimes shoot the acts and the people who came to see them. Mostly shot on TMax P3200, pushed a bit. Recently re-discovered the negatives up in the attic and found a way to scan them on an old Epson flatbed. And Voila!

1988, I think. The Channel, Boston. It was one of a few shows per year that brought out the bikers. Foghat? George Thorogood? Can't remember.

OK so here's one from the same roll o' film.

"Roy Orbison needed to pick up a few extra bucks before the show..." :)

The Orbison show was in December 1988, so I'm guessing the biker pic was in 88 as well.

Punks take a break in the Pit, 18+ show, 1985.

The Neighborhoods

"Everything stinks + so do we...."
Punk show over the holidays, December 1985.

And this guy? he came out to see the Meat Puppets.

Ladies and gentlemen, the, um, Circle Jerks. Note the Channel security guy to the right and a couple of other muscular individuals up there as well. Ya see, at these shows there was a lot of slam-dancing and attempted stage diving. The reason stage diving was discouraged was not that the club was anti-fun or anything - it was because as soon as someone gets hurt, who has to pay their lawyers to go defend their license to operate (not to mention their liquor license and their right to keep their money) when someone's parents get upset? You guessed it, the club does. So stage diving had to be actively prevented. The more you know...

Holiday punk crowd at the Meat Puppets show, which, looking the people over, seems to have been an all ages show. Band on stage may be Gang Green. Anyway, what's interesting to me about this is the complete lack of cell phones and cigarette lighters.

The late Chrissy Amphlett, of Divinyls.

Lizzie Borden and the Axes and…

… a fan of Lizzie Borden and the Axes

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