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Patriots Parade - Super Bowl LIII

So my friend Pete and I met up at Park St. Station to see if we could shoot anything worthwhile today. As always with these things, you only get pictures of the people that are on your side of the street. This year, Tom Brady, Bob Kraft, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman were all on the other side, so I kind of missed them. If you have any issues with that, I suggest you take it up with them. Thank you.

Jaguars fan still upset about last year’s AFC Championship game. I had to tell him that, actually, by rule, Myles Jack was indeed down.

Thank you 11

There is no makeup job so perfect that it can’t be tweaked by your friends.

I like horses.

Piggy back through the Common

Video or it didn’t happen.

Not this old boy’s first rodeo, I’d say.

A girl and her plastic helmet with the authentic signatures.

Way up on the roof

DJ booth

Have homemade trophy….(and yes, that’s Pete doing the photobombing thing behind the football)

…. will travel.

The duck boats approach…

Bob and Jonathan Kraft

Jonathan Kraft and, I think, NFL Hall of Famer Ty Law

This guy.

Bill Belichick, and, unless I miss my guess, Linda

Nate Ebner - special teams

Can we just go home?

No idea who this guy is, but he seems pretty enthusiastic about the number six.

Vivian Brady is working the GoPro.

James White - hero of the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.

Tons of people came out - great weather, an interminable 90-odd days between championship parades, you know the story….

Two O-linemen - Joe Thuney and David Andrews

The Bud Light King? What?

The girl in the acetate window

Cheerleaders, Pat Patriot

The linebackers - Dont’a Hightower, Kyle Van Noy, Elandon Roberts (with trophy) and rookie Ja’Whaun Bentley. Bentley, a promising young player, got hurt at the start of the season and spent the rest of the year on Injured Reserve.

Brandon King - special teams

Let’s Party

Joe Cardona points the way to Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman, who was ON THE OTHER SIDE, so I couldn’t see him. Bearded guy in the ball cap and glasses is place kicker Stephen Gostkowski.

When we got back to Tremont St. from Boylston to see if we could get some more stuff, we were confronted with this huge mass of humanity which pretty much prevented us from getting much else. That’s Bill Belichick again, way out there, waving his cap.

It’s a Lombardi party.

GOAT mask.

OK - did manage to get a shot of Tom Brady. His son Ben is to camera left. The guy waving the ‘baddest’ T-shirt is rookie 3rd string quarterback Danny Etling - the future of the franchise.

And now, we have to try to cut our way out of this mess….