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Turkey fight

First things first - both birds survived intact (yeah, there was a little blood), the matter was settled and they parted like gentlemen.

Anyway, a male was courting a female when an interloper arrived and I thought: "Whoa, there's going to be a fight", and I reached for the camera and eventually snuck outside when the action moved out of my view. Here we go:

The interloper arrives - female in background

There was a lot of just pushing, trying to establish dominance

It's all good fun until somebody tries to eat somebody else's head.

You can see a little blood on their foreheads

Living dinosaurs

More pushing

Strike! My apologies for the old flower pot in the foreground. :)

The guy in the foreground is almost exhausted

And the match is decided.

The victor follows for a little while, just to be sure the other guy doesn't come back right away.